Our Process

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Phased Approach

We believe in delivering value to your business as quickly as possible

We want you to see the value of your new website or application in the shortest amount of time, and we/ve found that a phased approach works the best. The "big bang" approach usually extends project timeframes and increases risk. So, we’ve implemented an iterative phased process to deliver your website or application. Below is an example of a typical phase. There can be just one or multiple phases based on your project scope.

In each phase, a portion of the website is rolled out (it does not necessarily have to go live) for you to review. We start with the core business needs first and in each consecutive phase, we build upon the previous phase with additional functionality. In each phase, we monitor and tune the website based on your feedback. This approach allows you to continuously refine your website or application in increments and deliver value faster.


First, we would like to get to know more about your business, your vision, your expectations from the project, and build a strong relationship with you as a partner. In this initial meeting, we would work with you to create some initial project goals and strategy.

Step 1


Based on the initial meeting, we will come up with an overview of your project, create milestones, and confirm that we are on the same page as you.

Step 2


During the design phase we consider your business goals, your users, and your brand to drive both experience and technology. Throughout the process, we will review and revise the project based on your feedback to align with your goals.

Step 3


Once we’ve agreed on the initial direction of the design, we will begin coding the project. Throughout the process, we will demo the builds for your review/feedback and adjust the scope of the project if needed.

Step 4

Final Inspection

During the final inspection, we will review and test your website to ensure the quality of your website. We will loop back to design and code to make improvements until it meets both ours and your expectation.

Step 5


Depending on whether Profound Code is hosting the website/application, we will prepare all the files necessary to go live and assist your internal teams if necessary throughout the process to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible

Step 6


After we launch we look at the analytics behind your website or application and the original goals that were set forth and ensure that we are effectively meeting them. We believe in a phased approach, using these metrics to make decisions on the next iteration of your technology.

Step 7
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