About Us

Don't just do it to do it, put some thought into it!

- Ravi Makadia, CEO/Founder of Profound Code

Brief History

The CEO, Ravi Makadia, a serial entrepreneur by heart, started his first business, for financial governance, while still in college. Even though it did not succeed, he learned some valuable lessons from this experience and the value of teaming up with the right people.

He tried his hand at multiple other ventures, mostly all web-based, where he did all the design and development work himself. Eventually, through his persistence and dedication to furthering himself, he became the Director of Technology at a privately held real estate sales and marketing company where he led all technology initiatives throughout his 7 years there.

Founding principle building blocks

These ventures and his time as Director of Technology helped guide his current principles that he stands behind today — create software that serves a purpose, delivers business value as quickly as possible, and let the users guide future development. Initially starting out, he questioned it, always wanting to do deliver the full final product in one big bang like most were doing. However, as he saw the results of going to market quickly and letting the users provide feedback and guide development, he realized the value. He realized each market has unique users and there are no global guidelines that can be applied to usability. By being flexible and quick, more is learned and an improved product is achieved.

Formation of Profound Code

Eventually, his entrepreneurial spirit struck again and he branched off to form what would later become known as Profound Code. His knowledge of business, his guiding principles, his flexibility, and his ability to explain complex technology in simple business terms, saw his client base increase through word of mouth alone.

Over time, business began picking up more and he enlisted the help of his cousin, Umesh to manage his projects and clients. Umesh left his corporate job as a Business Systems Analyst at a Fortune 100 bank to take on this role. He drove process improvements, implemented project metrics, drove key business development strategy initiatives, and handled all day to day business activities, ensuring client communication and satisfaction are top priority.

To this day, we continue to stand by our founding principles and making client communication and satisfaction our top priority.
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